We are one of the leaders on the railway transport market. We have the most modern fleet of railway engines in Poland. We know everything about railway transport. Ask our experts about railway transport services for your company. We will transport your goods and products quickly, safely and always on time.


We are:

One of the leading railway cargo carriers in Poland. Since 2012, we have been the number two company on the Polish railway cargo transport market for transport operations.

A company dynamically extending the range and number of tasks we carry out. Over several years of operation, our company has transformed from a local shunting carrier (LOTOS Kolej) into a recognised market player providing, in addition to transportation, forwarding services and services connected with railway siding operation, rental and maintenance of rolling stock
and rail tanker cleaning.

Since 2015, our clients based in Germany have also been able to benefit from our transportation offers.

In order to ensure our clients' success, our staff work 24/7 in six plants across Poland, in line with the Integrated Management System guidelines. By providing highest quality services we build the history of our company. Our competencies contribute to your company's success. 

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