Market activity

The rail freight subsidiary of Grupa LOTOS S.A. has delivered cargo that passed the mark of 50 million tonnes hauled since the company's inception in 2003.  It is not the only success that LOTOS Kolej achieved in the new year. According to the statistics published by the Office of Rail Transportation (Urząd Transportu Kolejowego), the subsidiary consolidated its second position on the market for freight transport services.

In 2012, LOTOS Kolej secured a market share of 8.21% in terms of ton-kilometres, outperforming the CTL Group with a 6.69% share. In the preceding year, the figures were 7.12% (LOTOS Kolej) and 7.16% (the CTL Group). The flexible and competitive offering is helping the company win an increasing number of orders from outside the LOTOS Group.  In the past year, cargo hauled by LOTOS Kolej for external customers represented over 40% of total freight.

- In 2012, we transported more than 10.5 million tons of cargo. And we aim to repeat the last year's performance says Henryk Gruca LOTOS Kolej CEO. - Growth amid market downturn is a reason to be glad. Last year, the Polish rail cargo transport market shrank by over 9%. In the same period, LOTOS Kolej recorded a nearly 5% growth. No other leading rail freight operator on the domestic market may boast similar results.

This past year proved successful for the company also for other reasons. - LOTOS Kolej executed an agreement with ZNLE Gliwice for the lease of five Dragon electric locomotives. The first one will be delivered to Gdańsk in the Spring of next year - said Mirosław Łosiński, Chief Operations Officer at LOTOS Kolej. - A month ago, PESA's electric locomotive, Gama Marathon, equipped with an additional Diesel engine was added to the company's rolling stock. Lotos Kolej provides as much as 89% of its freight transport services in terms of ton-kilometres using electric locomotives, which has a positive effect on its financial performance.

One of the new features the company intends to introduce this year is an IT system that will enable customers to track their cargo online.

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